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We have lived in our current home in Wellesley since 1984. We have completed several projects over the past several “COVID” years, with the goal of going greener and greener with each project.

Below are photos of our initial and our most recent lawn conversion projects that show how a previously manicured lawn can become an oasis for birds, insects, and mammals while adding beauty and diversity to the ecosystem. Two years ago we converted half of our lawn into a garden. We finished the other half of our front lawn in early November 2022.  

By doing this we removed monoculture turf grass, which provides little food or habitat to wildlife, and replaced it with small shrubs, perennials, and pollinator loving flowering plants. Our entire front lawn is a biodiverse garden.

In addition to this lawn conversion, my wife Mary and I  have installed solar panels, do community composting, have converted to an electric heat pump clothes dryer, installed a hybrid heat pump electric/gas furnace, installed new insulation, and have replaced almost all of our old windows in our 100 year old home with energy efficient windows. 

Our house is now much more sustainable, perhaps more than us.

The initial article appeared in the Wellesley NRC September newsletter. 

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