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Find meaning, intention, and wholeness at TBE.

Many paths to fulfillment:

Torah – learning
Avodah – worship
Shirei Kodesh – music
Gemilut Chasadim – acts of loving kindness
Tikkun Olam – social justice

A Diverse & Welcoming Community

TBE is an active and inquisitive community of clergy, educators, staff, and families exploring the wisdom and traditions of Judaism.

We come together to learn and grow, educate our children, deepen our spirituality, rejoice in music, care for one another, celebrate life’s small and big moments, connect with Israel, and shape a just world.

Our innovative youth programs span from preschoolers through grade 12. We also provide a rich array of adult learning experiences led by clergy, staff, members, visiting educators, and speakers from around the globe.

Each year members of our community join together to support one another and to repair the world. We also come together to enjoy each other’s company—share a Shabbat dinner, practice yoga, play Mah Jongg or softball, travel to Israel, and more.

Reach Out

Come for a tour, meet our clergy and staff, attend Shabbat services or a class, visit our nursery school, or just say hello.

We would love to learn more about your interests, answer your questions, and give you a feel for our community. Please reach out to Susan Karon, and she will be sure to connect you to the right people.


We’re glad you are exploring our Temple Beth Elohim community.

People at all stages of life consider making TBE their spiritual, educational, and social home. Our members join for different reasons—couples preparing for marriage, families with small children looking for Jewish education, and adults with grown children with a renewed interest in spirituality, learning, or social action—and all create meaningful relationships in the process. As theologian Martin Buber proclaims, “God can be found in all relationships.”

Please meet us in our beautiful new building that we moved into in 2010. Our space reflects our roots and our values — open in architectural style to bring nature close and to enable young and old to share in the energy of daily activities.

TBE welcomes all who look to celebrate Jewish life—families, singles, couples, interfaith families, LGBTQ Jews, Jews of color, and Jews by choice.

Join us as we honor ancient traditions and create new ones.

Please reach out,

Temple Beth Elohim Vision:
All our paths lead to shalom.

Inspired by the wisdom and traditions of Judaism to live a meaningful life and shape a just world.

  • Strengthen our personal connection to what it means to be Jewish
  • Deepen our spirituality and provide a moral framework for living
  • Engage in lifelong learning
  • Lift our souls through music
  • Celebrate together in times of joy and care for each other in times of need
  • Make the world a better place
  • Connect across generations and with Jews near and far
  • Support Israel
  • Develop friendships around shared interests and causes
  • Welcome a diversity of perspectives
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