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Toddler to Teen

Grades K-7

“When you teach your children, you teach your children’s children.”

~ adapted from the Talmud

Grow at TBE!

Nurture the joy of Jewish living.

Children and families design their own meaningful pathway to engage with Jewish values and culture.

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On Our Jewish Path

BaDerech (On Our Path) will engage students in grades K–5 in interactive learning about key narratives from our tradition, as part of living and learning in Jewish time. Students in grades 4 & 5 will choose to learn through specific modalities, including visual arts, STEM, performing arts, and cooking. This program will include weekly two-hour sessions. 

Josh Rosenberg

B’Yachad Grades 6-7

B’Yachad (together), TBE’s 6th and 7th grade learning program, is an interactive, multidisciplinary, engaging program that includes elements of both formal and informal learning. Our B’Yachad curriculum includes opportunities for creative expression both in the classroom and in the process of becoming B’Mitzvah. B’Yachad engages students and their families in the process of study, mitzvot (sacred obligations), worship, ma’asim tovim (good acts), and celebration in order to inspire their continued engagement in lifelong Jewish learning and living.

Our Shul-in is also an integral part of our curriculum. The informal setting provides opportunities to build community within B’Yachad through experiential learning which strengthens and develops the bonds between peers and faculty. B’Yachad is all about building community, creating a foundation for Jewish adulthood, and having lots of fun! 

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Grades K–3

Students in grades K-3 will attend BaDerech learning sessions on Sundays or Tuesdays for a two-hour session in person. In their classrooms, students will engage with Torah text at an age appropriate level while fostering life long relationships with their peers. Through large group assembly, music, and Hebrew through movement, our students will create and reinforce connections to the larger Jewish community. 

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Reach Out

Alison Kur, Executive Director, Jewish Living and Learning

Cantor-Educator Josh Rosenberg, Director of Young Family Learning & Engagement

Eliana Stein, Assistant Director of K-5 Learning Programs

Ali Klein, Administrative & Communications Specialist for Youth Learning Programs

No’ar Committee Co-Chairs
Eric Hochberg, Sara Kunin

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Grades 4–5

Students in grades 4–5 participating in BaDerech will sign up for modalities designed to challenge students in meaningful and exciting ways that meet their developmental stages and learning styles. Students can choose between visual arts, STEM, performing arts, book club, and virtual cooking. In addition to the modalities, students will attend weekly T’filah lead by clergy. 

All students in grades 4–5 participating in BaDerech are required to enroll in our B’Mitzvah Hebrew program. Our Hebrew program prepares each student to be comfortable with key components of prayer services and empowers them to lead the congregation in prayer when they become B’Mitzvah. The program has two elements: small group learning and individual learning sessions with their teachers.

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Day School

TBE and local Jewish day schools share the belief that relationships and community are central to living a joyful, fulfilling Jewish life. Day School studentes in 6th and 7th grade are required to join B’Yachad. School and synagogue are extensions of each other.

The Rashi School

MetroWest Jewish Day School (MWJDS)

Gann Academy

Rabbi Rachel Saphire

Rabbi Vanessa Harper

Parent Involvement

Would you like to play an active role in shaping the family experience at Temple Beth Elohim? If so, the No’ar (Youth) Committee might be for you. The No’ar Committee focuses on the needs of families with children in grades K-7.

As a member of the No’ar Committee, you will partner with Cantor-Educator Josh Rosenberg and a dedicated group of parents to develop programming to strengthen the TBE family community.


Eric Hochberg
Sara Kunin
Josh Rosenberg

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Becoming B’Mitzvah at TBE

During the sixth and seventh grades, our curriculum focuses on Hebrew study, tikkun olam (repairing the world), Jewish texts (Torah and Prophets), Jewish history, and creating positive social and emotional connections through a Jewish lens. In addition, we support families on their b’mitzvah journeys, which includes family programs with our staff and clergy, group and individual tutoring, and clergy meetings. We look forward helping you prepare for and celebrate this milestone!


Registration for the 5784/2023–2024 school year will be open very soon!

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