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Welcome to TBE!

How awe-inspiring is this place. This is none other than a Beit Elohim.

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Saturday, September 23
Tuesday, September 26
Saturday, September 30
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High Holy Days 5784 / 2023

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Social action, community service, and collections opportunities!

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Institute for Integrative Health, Wellness, and Spirituality.

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Engage in learning opportunities with the TBE community.

Celebrate Community

We are a vibrant community inspired by the wisdom & traditions of Judaism.

God Works in Mysterious Ways

God Works in Mysterious Ways

I repeat here how I began my d’var Torah: by expressing how much I dearly love this congregation that has given me so many opportunities to express my Jewish values.

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TBE in Action

The TBE team explains the symbolism of the items on the seder plate as we prepare for Passover!

Eight nights filled with (high)lights: Here are some of our favorite moments from Chanukah at TBE as we came back to our makom to celebrate a season of miracles!

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