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I think it is safe to say that most TBE members feel that TBE is a very special place. Our clergy, our building, the warmth of our community, our values, our educational programs, our music, our worship—the list goes on and on. While we frequently thank the clergy and the education team for all they do, sometimes we may forget the countless individuals who work behind the scenes to make and keep TBE safe, comfortable, and welcoming.

In January 2024, a small group of us set out to make a special effort to recognize these unsung heroes among our staff—The Gratitude Gang was launched. The Gratitude Gang is a group of 25 volunteers who have come together to acknowledge and say thank you to our hard-working, always smiling maintenance crew: Michael, Chirlcy, Manny, and Olavo. We also thank and celebrate our security staff who work tirelessly to keep us safe, and our angel of the front desk, Danielle. We see each of these individuals as an unsung hero and it brings us such joy to let them know that they are seen, appreciated, and cherished.

The Gratitude Gang is always open to new volunteers. At this point, the commitment is to join one Gratitude Gang team. Each team is responsible for either a birthday or a lunch celebration. Among the many delights of being part of the GG is that if offers an opportunity to collaborate with some temple friends and/or to make some new ones.

To date, the Gang has hosted two special lunches and celebrated staff birthdays. We have two more lunches planned for 2024 and more birthdays to celebrate. If you’d like to join us or learn more, please contact Ellen Glazer. New volunteers will enable us to do more for the incredible people who do so much for us.

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