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TBE has enriched our family in so many ways and this past year added another meaningful experience.

We celebrated many life cycle events and holidays at the temple prior to moving to Dallas 20 years ago. It was hard to say goodbye to our life in Boston and the TBE family. After being members of a local temple in Dallas, it was clear we missed TBE and the warm inclusive community it provided us. We decided to rejoin as affiliate members, attend services in person when possible or stream the High Holy Day services. 

Fast forward to the Covid era. Everyone was facing isolation and learning how to stay connected. TBE joined the Zoom world and all of a sudden we felt truly connected again, part of a community that was 2,000 miles away. We loved seeing familiar faces during Shabbat services.

This past August, Susan Karon reached out to us. She mentioned that family friends who are also temple members had a daughter who was moving to Dallas. It immediately put a smile on my face and I connected with Stephanie Kasok, Sydney’s mom. Bill and I were eager for Sydney to arrive for her internship at the Dallas Museum of Art. 

Our first meal together was Rosh Hashanah in our home which also included her roommate. It was a significant occasion on so many levels. The beginning of the New Year, a new friendship and the first time eating inside our home with friends and not just family members. We talked the night away and learned so much about each other and our families. 

 Sydney left with an invitation to join us for Thanksgiving. We knew she didn’t have the time to join her family in Wellesley. It was wonderful to have Sydney join us at the table with our sons, daughter in law, our daughter in law to be, our grandson and friends. No doubt, we will share more meals together and we look forward to meeting the rest of Sydney’s family.

A sincere thank you goes to Susan Karon for thinking of us and connecting us with the Kasok family. Bill and I are extremely grateful for the TBE clergy and staff and our TBE connections through Zoom. 

As you can see, TBE has invisible lines that reach much further than its zip code. We hope all members take the opportunity to reach out to us if you find yourself in the Dallas area. We’d love to extend our hospitality to you as well.

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