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Shabbat Morning Service (Hybrid)

Our Shabbat service includes the celebration of the B’Mitzvah of Andrew Kramer and Emma Levitt.

About Andrew
Hello TBE! My name is Andrew and I am very excited to become a bar mitzvah. My favorite thing to do is robotics, from building robots to calculators to airplanes. I really enjoy it because there is no end to the ways you can put pieces together to make anything you want. I am the oldest in my family. My little sister, Emily, is 10. I am the most energetic person in my family by far!
I go to The Roxbury Latin school and there my favorite subject is science. I really like learning about the world around me. I am very excited for a big milestone in any Jew’s life, becoming a bar mitzvah. My service project has been focusing on cleaning up the environment. I am very passionate about keeping the environment healthy.
About Emma
Dear TBE Community,
My name is Emma Levitt, I am 12 years old, and am in the 6th grade at The Rivers School in Weston, MA. Hanging out with family and friends is something that I love because they are the people that have shaped me into who I am today. They are always there for me, supporting me and encouraging me to be my best. I have a big family consisting of my parents, three siblings and two dogs! In fact, we used to have four guinea pigs but you could just say. that didn’t work out too well. Oliver is my oldest brother, and he is 14 years old. My other younger brother Sam is 10, and my little sister Ruby is 8. I’m the comedian of the family, and I have to say, without me, it would be boring!

In school, I really like Humanities as my favorite subject. Humanities is a mix of English and History and it is something I really enjoy learning about. It is a very engaging class with hands-on activities and interactive games.

Becoming a bat mitzvah has been a long process, but I now feel accomplished and proud. I met with a tutor every week and worked bit by bit to understand this whole process. I am excited to be an adult in the eyes of the Jewish community and this is something I will never forget.