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The TBE Blog

My name is Zac Gondelman and in June of 2019, I began a three-month summer internship at TBE.  Since then, I am grateful that my internship has been extended and I look forward to continuing for another meaningful year.  As student intern, my role is twofold: supporting the clergy and learning.  I collaborate by bringing a unique set of skills: the eyes and voice of a teen. The other part of my role is to learn. Early in my internship, a congregant asked, “What is it like working with the clergy?” To which I said, “It’s a masterclass in how to be a human.” Just watching them walk through our world is a lesson in compassion, grace, and excellence. I cherish my role and colloquially call myself, “the investigative sponge.”  Otherwise known by our Gan Elohim Students as “Cantor Shanna’s Little Friend.” I have the privilege of working across all age groups.  From youth music and t’filah support, TGIHH with our families, Kesher with our 7th grade B’yachad students, to helping lead our Minyan group—I’m all over. This mixture has given me the opportunity to explore all of the wonderful nooks and crannies of our community. 

One gift of quarantine is that there are many new ways to connect to TBE. For example, I work with Darchei Tikvah (Pathways to Hope)—the newest branch of our Caring Community. So many ways to get involved!  Inspired by Cantor Zell’s sermon about the importance of voting, my family wrote postcards to help the Reclaim Our Vote campaign. Reclaim our Vote reaches out to people of color in states with a history of voter suppression, giving them information on how to vote early.  In October, the focus will shift from postcard-writing to phone and text banking.  I encourage you to get involved and join us! 

Wishing you a month filled with joy, growth, and shalom.