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A group of congregants celebrated a special anniversary this Sunday: One full year of Sunday Peloton schvitz rides and talks as part of the Holy Schvitz group. I personally looked forward each week to join this minyan virtually during the pandemic. As we shared our thoughts in response to this week’s spiritual reflection question, I reflected on the motivation this group provided through in ride High Fives and friendly competition banter. We built our own sense of community and belonging as most of us met new people and across generations. We had empty nesters, full nesters that had their young friends occasionally join the call, and those who have yet to start a nest. The draw is so great some members would join the spiritual discussion even when they missed the ride to share in milestones. I anxiously await the email announcing the next ride (with humor) and the usual Sunday time slot. Not many groups can set an annual goal and meet it each week and then see the group grow stronger with even new members. Special shout out to Rabbi Saphire, Lorin Seidman, Jillian Kohl, and Kerry Epstein for their leadership and stewardship and so excited to keep seeing their name and my other new friends on the leaderboard.

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