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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! On the Third Monday of each year, our country pauses to celebrate the life, legacy, and impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We wanted to reflect the way Dr. King’s legacy inspires Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) work here at TBE and in the larger community.

Born January 15, 1929, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a social activist and Baptist minister. A lion of the civil rights movement, King inspired millions to stand up for racial equality and desegregation. A beacon of hope, humility, and humanity, he dedicated substantial amounts of time to sharing his experience as a means of inspiring people to act. King sought equality and human rights for African Americans and was instrumental to key moments such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the 1963 March on Washington; both of which helped bring about such landmark legislation as the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. In 1964, King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and is remembered each year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a U.S. federal holiday since 1986.

At TBE we believe in equity, celebrate diversity, and strive to leave our world better than we found it. We hope to use today as a jumping-off point for exploring Dr. King’s legacy and how we all can impact our world. In accord with the sentiment of the late Congressman and friend of Dr. King, John Lewis, “The MLK holiday is a day on, not a day off.” Get involved! Use today as a day on! Let’s all recognize the incredible power each of us have to affect change. After all, Congressman Lewis says it best, “Of all the gifts given us by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I think the greatest has been the belief in society’s ability to change and the power each of us has to affect that change.” Whether that’s with our tikkun olam initiatives, caring connections, or beyond, may Dr. King’s legacy inspire us all to participate in DEI work here at TBE and beyond.

Happy MLK Day, TBE!
Zac Gondelman

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