Israel Current Events Program

The Israel Current Events Program (ICEP) is a dynamic monthly speaker and discussion series examining important aspects of Israeli current events and how they impact Israeli and the wider world. The meetings begin with a short presentation by an invited speaker, usually an Israeli, followed by Q&A and a group discussion. Topics are chosen based on timely and pressing issues facing Israel.

The meetings are drop-in and no pre-registration is necessary.

For more information contact Robin Goldenson, [email protected] or Paul Zorfass, [email protected].


Upcoming Events

"Israeli Politics and their Impact on Religious Freedom" with Rabbi Uri Regev
Sunday, October 22, 11:30 am

Israel's identity as a "Jewish and Democratic State" has been the basis of numerous political debates, scholarly analysis, public discourse, legal disputes and much more. The debates often focused on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. We will focus on a no less critical aspect of this equation, the conflict of religion and state and the challenges of religious freedom and equality. They impact on almost all facets of Israeli life, from security to the economy, from “Who is a Jew” to marriage equality, from gender issues to education, from civil liberties to Israel-Diaspora relations, from Shabbat to Kashrut, etc. etc. One cannot exaggerate the critical importance of these core questions of Israel's identity in the shaping of its future and well being. 
The elections in Israel in March brought about a narrow coalition government that depends on the Haredi parties. What is the impact of Israeli politics [both in the Coalition and the opposition] on the battle for religious freedom for Jews in Israel?

This event is co-sponsored by ICEP and the Progressive Israel Committee.

Click here to learn more about Rabbi Regev

Disturbing the Peace Film, followed by a Q&A
Tuesday, November 14, 7:00 - 9:30 pm in the Beit Midrash

Disturbing the Peace is a story of the human potential unleashed when we stop participating in a story that no longer serves us and, with the power of our convictions, take action to create new possibilities. Disturbing the Peace follows former enemy combatants - Israeli soldiers from elite units and Palestinian fighters, many of whom served years in prison - who have joined together to challenge the status quo and say "enough." While based in the Middle East, Disturbing the Peace evokes universal themes relevant to us all and inspires us to become active participants in the creation of our world.



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