Israel Current Events Program

The Israel Current Events Program (ICEP) is a dynamic monthly speaker and discussion series examining important aspects of Israeli current events and how they impact Israeli and the wider world. The meetings begin with a short presentation by an invited speaker, usually an Israeli, followed by Q&A and a group discussion. Topics are chosen based on timely and pressing issues facing Israel.

The meetings are drop-in and no pre-registration is necessary.

For more information contact Robin Goldenson, [email protected] or Paul Zorfass, [email protected].

Upcoming Events

Sunday, April 30, 11:30 am

Tamar Rosman, The Israeli Legal System and Prosecuting Economic Crimes

Tamar will be speaking about her experiences as a prosecutor and leader in the Israeli legal system.  This will include working in the supreme court, prosecuting white collar crime, and a few words about gender. After the presentation portion of the discussion she will lead the Q & A to visit other areas of the Israeli legal system.

Learn more about Tamar Rosman

Tamar serves as Head of the Education, Society, and Health division of the Israeli Corporations Authority. The Corporations Authority is within the Israeli Ministry of Justice and regulates Non-Profit Organizations. 

After graduating from the Hebrew University, from where she holds both an L.L.B and a M.B.A, Tamar served as an intern, clerking in the Israeli Supreme Court. Beginning in 2003, Tamar served as a prosecutor in the Economic Crimes Division of the office of the State Attorney. As head of the Economic Crimes Team, Tamar specialized in handling large-scale cases of white-collar offenses, heading prosecution teams combating money laundering, fraud and human trafficking. 

Born in the United States and raised in Jerusalem, Tamar now resides in Modi’in. She and her husband Mauricio have three children, Yoav, Imri and Noa.



Brig. General (Ret.) Ephraim SegoliJune 6, 2017, 7:30 pm

Brig. General (Ret.) Ephraim Segoli, The Middle East: An Interactive Discussion of Israel, ISIS and the Future 


Learn more about Ephraim Segoli

Ephraim Segoli was born in Jerusalem in 1951. He joined the IDF in 1970, served as a pilot for 26 years, participated in two wars and numerous operational missions, his last position was a commander of one the IAF largest bases. (1992 - 1995) In 1987 Segoli took 2 years leave of absence from the IAF in order to serve as a community emissary in Atlantic County, NJ. USA. 

After retiring Segoli was invited by the US Air Force University to serve as a research fellow in SAAS (School of Advanced airpower Studies). After returning he joined a Minister of Defense (MOD) research institute where he worked until 2012. The institute developed concepts and methodologies regarding Operational and Systemic thinking. In 2006 Segoli joined another research institute; the Fisher Institute for Air & space Strategic studies, where he is heading one of the research centers which organizes annual national defense conferences and conducts researches in regard to air power topics and concepts.







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