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My wife and I make it a priority to give generously to worthy causes and organizations.  Every year we face difficult choices — which ones we will support. For us, TBE will always make the cut.  This is why:

  • Increasingly, TBE is at the very center of our Jewish American experience. It is our portal to our Jewish identity, its rich history and culture, and our Jewish aspirations. It is our community, the hands we want to hold in times of joy, and sorrow, and prayer; the people with whom we want to share our Jewish life.
  • We genuinely love TBE.  We feel so grateful to have TBE in our lives.  It nourishes our mind with Torah and our hearts with music, with its exceptional staff, generous volunteers, and wonderful and creative programming.
  • We want TBE to be able to serve all of its congregants, regardless of means.  So, we are committed to giving money to help those families who may have less to give. And we do this anonymously because we do not want recognition or credit. What we get in return is far more valuable: A better Jewish community.
  • The only group that will consistently support TBE is the TBE community, itself. We are not typically eligible for outside grants or support from major corporations. If members don’t support TBE, nobody else will. There is no safety net. So, we will dig deeply each year and donate our fair share.
  • Finally, helping TBE thrive is also helping to keep Judaism alive and well in America and in Israel. In today’s political climate, we all know that Judaism is under assault. We think the best way to strengthen our Faith is to keep our TBE community vital and growing, for the sake of today’s members, and to help guarantee it will be there for future members.
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