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New LED fixtures and bulbs have been installed outside the temple building and the parking lots, replacing less efficient legacy lights. The LEDs will have less wasted electricity and less maintenance. They provide much better light in increased color rending index and in lumens. The LEDs will help the security cameras see better and provide more safety for those entering and exiting the temple. See the before and after pictures below.

The LED beams are directed downward toward the sidewalks and parking spaces, improving visibility in these areas without pushing the beams to areas that might annoy the neighbors or create light pollution directed skyward, which affects wildlife and sky observers. The LED fixtures’ color matches the poles they are mounted on to maintain existing aesthetics.

The new lights will save an estimated $2,755 per year with greater efficiency and easier maintenance. The LEDs will save roughly 2 tons of CO2 per year and 9,198 kWh per year.

After a $3,800 utility rebate, they will cost $11,175 and come with a 10 year limited warrantee. This means that the project will be paid back in about four years and accrue savings after that. They will run on 100% renewable electricity. The LEDs were installed by Firefly EES.

We are very grateful for all the efforts of Emily Kosinski, Danna Greenberg, and members of the Green Team whose work helped make this project happen.