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There is increasing evidence of the connection between music and its effect on the mind. We all knew of the connection between music and enjoyment, but this is deeper.

Three members of TBE, Don Drourr, Marty Sleeper, and myself have been very interested in both connections, and in that spirit we formed The TBE Music Club a few years ago as a separate offshoot of TBElle, due to the success of their music classes. We meet once a month and discuss various aspects of music. Each month a member (or occasional guest) picks a topic and presents it to the club. For example, in January, Cantor Zell will give a talk on “What is Jewish Music, Part 2” (after her hugely successful Part 1 last year). Upcoming programs include “American Protest Songs” on February 23 (learn more on page 6) and “What is an Overture?” on March 23.

In addition to the monthly Music Club Meetings, some months ago the three of us started a new program called Monday Musical Moments (MMM). To start our week off on a high note (no pun intended), we email a short piece of music, which might be just the medicine we all need right now (and with no side effects). Don, Marty and I make the selections from many genres of music, from classical to jazz, to pop, to Broadway, to the Great American Song Book. We send the link for the music to music club & TBElle members, as well as anyone else who’d like to receive it, and include a short story about the piece. Recently, we began sending the email to four Jewish Senior Living centers to share with their residents.

For TBE members interested in learning more about The Music Club, please contact Art Gerstenfeld.