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Be a role model for our younger students! Starting in 9th grade, our Madrichim, or teaching assistants, help the teachers in the classroom by building relationships with kids and working with students on projects and classwork while maintaining their own connection with our TBE community.

Hello! My name is Noa Brand and this is my first year working as a Madricha. I work with third graders. I love working with them because they love to have fun! I have made connections with some of the kids that have been so meaningful. Every week we do a new activity, and every week I get to help out the kids in a new way. A couple of the activities we have done this year included the kids having to put on a short play that they only have two or three minutes to prepare for before they showcase it for the rest of the class. They are split up into random groups and it is fascinating how they have an ability to work with each other and with such little time. It is during those moments that I learn to always have a positive attitude because they are put into random groups, sometimes apart from their friends, they always look past that and put on their best performance.


Hi. My name is Rebecca Grozalsky. I am 15 years old and have been working as a Madricha since September. This opportunity allows me to connect with children in the TBE community every week! It creates a sense of happiness for me and watching these kids smile every time I see them brings joy to my life. I have made personal connections with some of the students in my classroom, especially the girls. I ask them about their school days and then they ask me and we have conversations every afternoon during snack time and I learn a little bit more about them each and every time! 

I know that children tend to look up to the teacher or younger student in the classroom and I think my behavior and my encouragement has had an impact on the kids. I know I can sometimes bring energy and I feel when I bring energy to the activities or singing it shows the kids that it might be fun to do, so they tend to join in. I have learned so much from the kids and how to act around them and be a role model for kids. 

Having a leadership role in my community means a lot to me. It makes me feel a little proud knowing that I am a leader for kids and working with other leaders in my community makes me feel like a stronger leader everyday. Being a Madricha has an affect on my relationship with Judaism in many different ways. It keeps me connected with my community and at TBE. It also keeps me in touch with Judaism and all of the stories and activities that I also did as a kid.  Being a Madricha has been a great experience for me and I love engaging with kids and the TBE community and the people in it! 

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