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The work of TBEPGV was recently featured in a new book entitled, Recharging Judaism written by Rabbi Judith Schindler and Judy Seldin-Cohen. The book recognizes the important role meaningful social justice work can have in revitalizing the role of the synagogue in American life.

TBEPGV came together at a Shabbat reflection after the tragic events in Newtown, CT. Together with the MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, we were the engine ensuring passage of the Massachusetts 2014 bill giving local police chiefs discretion to deny a gun permit for a rifle to an unsuitable applicant as well as closing gun sale loopholes. In part because of our work, Massachusetts now has the lowest gun death rate in the country. And, a recent report led by Prof. Jack McDevitt, director of Northeastern’s Institute on Race and Justice, confirms the effectiveness of our gun laws and conclusively refutes the argument that stricter gun laws will deny law-abiding citizens the ability to obtain a firearm.

TBEPGV is also working with the Coalition to raise up primary prevention work, promote gun safety education and recognize the courageous elected officials willing to oppose the gun lobby. Hosted by TBE, and before an audience of over 300 supporters from all over the state, the Coalition presented Attorney General Maura Healey with its Peace MVP Award. The event also featured Rev. Liz Walker and raised nearly $6000 for the Cory Johnson Center for post traumatic healing.

TBEPGV is now working to defeat the Concealed Carry Reciprocity gun bill in the US Senate and to support passage of the MA Extreme Risk Protective Order bill, a bill which will allow concerned family members to have guns removed from the home when someone is at risk of harming themselves or others. Now is the time to act.