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January and March 2019 marks the second anniversary of the Hayani and Aljelou families’ arrival to the United States! We celebrate this shehecheyanu moment with gratitude and the gift of seeing how their extraordinary children and their dedicated parents have adapted, grown and prospered.

Mustafa, age 11, in his own words:

I was in Syria and then Syria started to fight and we had to move. We moved to Jordan and we were in Jordan five years, and a person called my dad and he said “Do you want to go to USA?” My dad said “Ohhhhh yes!” and we started to pack up. When we were in the USA we got scared and we saw good people and good school and good friends. In Jordan I did not have toys and when I came here I saw a lot of toys. I am so happy that I am in the USA and I am so happy that my dad has good work. I am so happy that me and my brother and sisters have a good school. Thank you to the people that helped us in the USA.
Thank you.

Working closely with JFS Metrowest and a local church, the Aljelous have secured a home at below market rent, which provides them stable housing within their budget. Through the generosity of a philanthropic family, another Syrian family has secured such a home in Brookline. We are inspired and hopeful that we can secure such a home for the Hayanis as well. If you, or anyone you know, can be of assistance or have suggestions, please contact Jessica Lasser