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It was truly an honor to represent TBE at the URJ Biennial in Chicago where we shared the amazing success of our partnership with our sister congregation in Haifa, Ohel Avraham. Along with Rabbi Gabby from Ohel Avraham, Rabbi Sherman and Neil Silverston from TBE, we shared with congregations from around the world how we created this transformational and innovative connection between our two reform congregations.

What started out as a parent/teen exchange program (Anafim/Branches to Haifa) has evolved into an expansive list of programs creating meaningful connections between our two communities. We have traveled together, learned together, eaten together, prayed together, sung together, and eaten together (we like eating…).

In the process, we have succeeded in creating a true community between our two synagogues.  We have deepened and enriched our connection with the land of Israel and the people of Israel. Our friends in Haifa have also created lifelong connections with TBE and our members, while also being introduced to how our lives are enriched through our love of Reform Judaism. Our presentation at the URJ Biennial not only recognized TBE and OA for creating and fostering this amazing partnership, but also enabled us to reflect on our successes, and the positive change it has made in our lives and those of our friends in Haifa. It has inspired us to keep moving ahead with this initiative and to expand its reach.

We invite you to be part of this amazing experience!  Whether you have already been exposed to our wonderful connection and friends at OA or are looking for a way to connect with Israel and support the Reform movement there, we invite you to join our shared journey!


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