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In eight days we got a taste of Israel, in every sense. Starting in Tel Aviv with Independence Hall and the Yitzhak Rabin Center, through King Herod’s Caesarea to the Golan and Jerusalem, each day was a balance of history, politics, relaxation, and delicious food—even shopping.

We enjoyed Tel Aviv beach, Kibbutz Hagoshrim hospitality, the Hula Valley nature preserve beauty, and views into Syria from Mt Bental. We visited Atlit—an internment camp from the British Mandate, a former Syrian bunker taken in the ’67 War, and a Druze Village. We shared snacks with IDF soldiers on duty at a listening post on the Lebanese border, and we watched Hezbollah watch us as we ate fruit at Kibbutz Malkiya’s orchards.

We welcomed Shabbat in Jerusalem, attended services at a local temple, ate dinner at the home of Rabbis Silverman and Abramowitz and learned about “Women of the Wall” and Israel’s solar power initiative.

Our excursion to Masada was followed by a float in the Dead Sea — complete with Rabbi Joel’s admonition to hydrate! We visited Yad Vashem to honor the Righteous and listened to the names, ages and birthplaces of victims read aloud at the Children’s Memorial.

Another day, we became amateur archaeologists and sous chefs, finding pottery and bone at the Temple Mount Sifting Project and then preparing a multi-course Israeli-Arab dinner.

Our final day included a tour of Jerusalem’s tunnels, prayers at the Western Wall, Temple Mount and Church of the Holy Sepulcher visits and meeting with Retired Col. Danny Tirza, architect of Israel’s security barrier. Our last stop was with “Brothers for Life” — Israeli injured combat veterans at their welcoming, adaptive home — a place of peace for young people who have given so much.

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