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We are so excited to introduce Lisa Scott as our new Director of Gan Elohim Early Learning Center. Lisa has been with Temple Beth Elohim for over four years, serving our community as the Assistant Director. She was passed the torch from our previous Director, Nancy Ostroff, who retired last month after twenty two years of leadership. We also appreciate the time and effort that the search committee put into looking for our fabulous new Gan Elohim Director. We wish the best for Nancy in her retirement, as well as for Lisa in her new role!

We sat down with Lisa for a round of questions while she’s been planning big things for our favorite tiny humans. Read our interview below with the one (and only!) Lisa Scott.

TBE: What are you excited about starting in your new position?
LS: I’m excited to connect with the families in a different way than I’ve been able to before. I’m also excited to continue to connect with all the children who I adore, and watch them grow! Also, I can’t wait to continue the relationships I have with my staff- and start new ones as well!

TBE: What do you love most about the Gan Elohim Community?
LS: I love all of their openness, friendliness, community and the warmth that I feel here. I always look forward to the children’s smiling faces. That just makes my day. They’re so cute!

TBE: What’s something you wish the whole community could see from the GE classrooms?
LS: I wish they could see the love and warmth that the teachers show to the children every day. And the excitement that the children bring to the classroom.

TBE: If you had to dive into a pool filled with the food of your choosing, what would it be?
LS: It would probably be marshmallows. Or marshmallows mixed with peeps. Those are both sort of my favorite.

TBE: Double trouble! What kind of Peeps?
LS: they can be anything actually. I used to have a large collection in my freezer, but I had to get rid of them!

TBE: What three things make you smile?
LS: Smiling faces on children, the beach, and of course, peeps!


Interested in learning more about Gan Elohim Early Learning Center? Visit their webpage here.

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