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Happy Pride month, TBE!

As you may know, June is LGBTQ+ Pride month. Pride is celebrated annually in honor of the 1969 Stonewall riots, and the month works to achieve equal justice and opportunity for LGBTQ+ Americans. Since I began my role as Student Intern, I have always wanted to give LGBTQ+ activism and conversation a home. So, alongside some amazing lay leaders and TBE staff, we formed Kabbalat Hakol. Kabbalat Hakol literally means welcoming all voices. Kabbalat Hakol is an expression of and expansion upon TBE’s commitment to welcoming all people, regardless of how they identify themselves or who they love. A key aspect of this expression is highlighting the wonderful activist work already happening in our community. We hope to expand on this important work in our initiative by taking action to support and advocate for LGBTQ+ identified individuals. Stay tuned for more information about Pride celebrations on the TBE website and in our e-blasts. If you are interested or passionate about this work and would like to get involved with Kabbalat Hakol, contact me, Zac Gondelman.

Click here to view our calendar of Pride Month events.