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TBE Green Team Members take part in a Community Engagement Studio

As co-chairman of the TBE green team with hazardous waste management background, I attended an environmental toxin community engagement studio for the Harvard School of Public Health’s research program on Jan. 7th. TBE green team member Eric Ruder and TBE regular attendee Ed Gaskin also participated in the community engagement studio as did a number of other well qualified participants from other organizations.

We reviewed and commented on presentations of six research paper proposals on environmental toxins for the purpose of improving the proposals. The research proposals in the sessions I attended were exciting, cutting edge studies about a number of different environmental toxins, and how their health effects can be addressed.

In the process of commenting on the proposals, I learned some fascinating things which were new to me about this field. The proposals were designed to test hypotheses about environmental toxins which could possibly lead to important discoveries. In addition, many of the participants recommended that more underserved community members be included in the research studies.

I came away feeling that the participants’ and presenters’ exchanges seemed to have led to improved design and focus of the research proposals reviewed in the studio.

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