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Summer Institute | Meet our New Rabbi, Jordy Callman (Hybrid)

Welcome Rabbi Callman to TBE and get to know her Torah and her story through teaching and conversation. We will kick off our learning journey with her by studying on the value of learning. How and why do we engage in Jewish study? What is our end goal… Is there an end goal?

Registration: This event is available in person and on Zoom. Click the purple registration bar above to join us. Zoom pre-registration is required. Once you have registered, your unique access link will be emailed to you.

This event is part of Summer Institute: Explore many touchpoints for Jewish connection: sacred texts, spirituality, mindful practice, creative arts, travel, and more. Summer Institute is designed to inspire and create, give meaning and purpose, and bring us closer together as a community.

We are deeply grateful to the family of Burton D. “Bud” Rose, M.D., who has underwritten the Summer Institute in loving memory of Bud, who was a lifelong teacher and student.