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Mincha Ma’ariv Service (Hybrid)

Our Mincha Ma’ariv service includes the celebration of the B’Mitzvah of Lucas and Olivia Allen.

Registration and Health & Safety
If you’re joining us in person, please click here to see our up-to-date health and safety guidelines. This event is also available via live stream. Please click the purple registration bar above at the time of the service. Click on the arrow in the center of the live stream box to start watching the broadcast!

About Olivia
Hello to everyone, I am Olivia Allen. I absolutely love softball. I try to practice 3 to 4 times a week. I play on a club softball team called the Dirt Dawgs, and a travel softball team called the Panthers.

I have two siblings. A twin brother named Lucas who is sharing a B’Mitzvah with me, and a sister named Abby. Lucas is 12 years old and Abby is 10 years old. I am the middle child. Lucas is two minutes older than me. We live with my parents Marni and Jonathan. We have a dog Posie who is an adorable four year old Portuguese Water Dog.

I am a seventh grader at Brown Middle School in Newton. My friends say that I am very athletic. My favorite subject is probably math because I like how you’re either right or wrong. Becoming Bat Mitzvah means becoming a Jewish adult and gaining more responsibility. It also taught me that I need to work my hardest in order to succeed and feel good about being prepared.

About Lucas
Dear TBE community, my name is Lucas Allen, a 12 year old who goes to Brown Middle school in Newton. I love playing sports. This season I’m playing flag football, baseball, and cross country. I like sports because I feel like it brings out the best in me and I have to work really hard to achieve what I want. For example, in Cross Country last season I did extra running outside of practice and dropped my time by over a minute from the first race to the last race.

I live with my parents Marni and Jonathan, my 10 year old sister Abby, and my twin sister Olivia who I’m sharing my B’Mitzvah with. I also have a 4 year old Portuguese Water Dog Posie who is adorable, silly, and mischievous.
In school my favorite subject is Social studies because I really like reading historical fiction books and learning about the past.
In becoming Bar Mitzvah I feel more connected to the prayers and our community. I feel like I understand the service better and can follow what I studied.