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Summer Institute | Ceramics Workshop (In Person)


Don’t Look at the Container But at That Which is Inside It

In this hands-on clay workshop, we will explore the themes of interior and exterior and the relationship and the tension between them—in Jewish texts, in art, and in our own lives. Our study will include creating clay vessels and exploring these ideas in our own art. The first two sessions will focus on creating in clay, and in the third session we will paint and glaze our creations, which will then be fired in a ceramic kiln. No prior experience is necessary.

Dates: Tuesdays, June 6, 13 & 27

Registration: Please use the purple registration bar above to RSVP. Class size is limited.

This event is part of Summer Institute: Explore many touchpoints for Jewish connection: sacred texts, spirituality, mindful practice, creative arts, travel, and more. Summer Institute is designed to inspire and create, give meaning and purpose, and bring us closer together as a community.

We are deeply grateful to the family of Burton D. “Bud” Rose, M.D., who has underwritten the Summer Institute in loving memory of Bud, who was a lifelong teacher and student.