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A chuppah is a canopy beneath which Jewish marriage ceremonies are performed. It symbolizes the home that the couple will build together.

TBE did not have its own chuppah for congregants’ use. Many couples married by our clergy provided their own chuppahs made of flowers, tree branches or one that had been in their families.

Cantor Sufrin put out a plea for any crafty congregants to create a chuppah.  Several people volunteered to help, but ultimately the task fell to us. We had been quilting buddies for many years. Both of us had made chuppahs for friends and family.

The design is very simple. We found a pretty white cotton fabric with a floral weave and an iridescent ribbon to apply the stripes and Star of David.

Creating and designing the chuppah was a fulfilling experience for us as we worked and chatted our way to completing the communal chuppah for the temple.

In September of 2018, the chuppah was introduced to the congregation at the Shabbat Consecration service. The consecrants walked down the middle aisle under the chuppah. Several congregants have since used it at their weddings.