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People rely on their communities for empathy and support, especially in uncertain times such as these. That’s why you received at least one phone call from a fellow TBE member this Spring. Wasn’t it great when someone in our community checked in to see how you were doing?

The TBE Connections Initiative was formed in response to feedback collected during those calls, and I am honored to be part of the Congregant Connections sub-group of that team. We helped launch a series of Community Conversations. Perhaps you participated in one of them? If so, on behalf of the team – thank you! We hope it was a meaningful experience. It felt great to offer new ways for our congregants to connect, especially as losses began to mount.

All of our lives were uprooted when the coronavirus outbreak hit our area. Immediately, there was uncertainty and fear, tragedy and disruption. Being part of this team gave me the opportunity to feel productive and helpful. Admittedly, it also gave me a respite from the endless cooking, cleaning, and homeschool teaching that began on March 13.

For months our group has met over ZOOM once or twice each week. We laugh, share, and collaborate as if we’ve been working together for years. We appreciate each other’s evolving hairstyles, clothing choices, pet and child cameos, and background noises. No judgements are passed on beverage or snack choices.

Summer is usually a slower time at TBE, and I’m guessing that your summer plans have changed. This season, the “Virtual Makom” is packed with lots of virtual programs.

Check out the upcoming calendar, because there has never been a better—or easier—time to try something you may have been wondering about.

I hope you find ways to safely enjoy this truly different summer.