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I was born in South Africa and raised in Israel. Twenty years ago my husband and two young children moved to the SF Bay Area for professional opportunities and eight years ago, our journey brought us to Boston.
I enjoyed a robust career in the Jewish nonprofit sector as well as in social services in Israel and in the US. In Boston, I began a deep search for my next career move. I always loved art and design but had never painted a single thing in my life. But, it was an art class that dramatically transformed my life. Fast forward a few years, I have had the incredible opportunity to showcase my art in galleries and museums in NY, Montana, Vermont, Miami, Israel and Boston.
Making personally meaningful art requires soul searching, conceptualization and clarity of message. It has meant finding my voice which comes from a deep Jewish place. My work, abstract and conceptual, is informed by issues and Jewish values I care deeply about. Social justice; equality and equity; caring for ourselves, others and the world. I find beauty in our texts and inspiration in our rituals. I  look for ways to interpret them artistically.
Art allows for thought provoking conversations. I find that when viewers are challenged to consider their perspective on an issue, my work sticks with them. My recent solo show “Of Two Places” addresses my immigration story from Israel to the US and the timely issue of immigration. One piece, a caged heart over an imaginary topographic map, describes the heartache that comes from leaving family behind every time I depart Israel. I was listening to a conversation between a woman of Japanese descent and an American viewing the piece. The woman said, “You see, every time we leave Japan this is how I feel.” As an artist, that was an extremely rewarding moment.
I was commissioned to make a menorah for the Museum of Fine Arts Hanukkah celebration.  Please come December 18th at 6:00 pm to enjoy the lighting and festivities.
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