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Parents of Children in Interfaith Relationships  

As our children mature into adults, our parenting journey takes a new turn. With that turn we are faced with opportunities and challenges, new emotions and uncertainties. When our child enters into a relationship with someone who is not Jewish, those opportunities and challenges are different. Every stage of a relationship (whether it be dating, a live-in situation, engagement, or marriage) poses new possibilities, new situations and new choices. We worry differently about what the future will bring - for our child, his or her partner, the partner's family, and the couple's (future/potential) family.

A group of parents have gotten together with the goal of  sharing stories, raising questions, talking in small groups, providing mutual support, and learning from one another during this phase of our parenting. Some members of the group grew up in interfaith families or themselves have partners from a different faith tradition, and some have chosen Judaism as adults.  Some of the adult children have just begun dating; some are living together or engaged to be married.  Others are already married and some are parents themselves. The group held an initial meeting in May 2012 to introduce ourselves and tell others about their families.

Upcoming Meetings 

Many parents at TBE have adult children in interfaith relationships - whether they be dating, engaged or married. This group offers a caring and warm environment in which to share our experiences and strengthen our relationships with our children and their partners. 

If you have any questions, please contact Marjorie Freiman

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