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Thank and celebrate clergy, staff, and teachers for keeping our community strong and vibrant.

In place of our annual fundraising event, we hope you will join us as we thank clergy, staff, learning program teachers, and Gan Elohim teachers who have worked tirelessly and imaginatively over these past months. In this most stressful time for our community, they lead us in meaningful worship and music, facilitate tikkun olam efforts, keep our building safe, comfort the sick and grieving, support us through somber lifecycle events, and celebrate with us through joyous ones. Most importantly, they have kept our community strong and vibrant. We ask that you join us for an extended Shabbat service and program to honor and recognize them.

Join us to express our gratitude

Celebrating Together

Save the date for Friday, April 30, for our extended Shabbat service and special program. There will be no cost to attend the event. We hope the entire TBE community will join us! 

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Saying Thank You

As we prepare for An Evening of Gratitude, here are a few ways we’re expressing our thanks:

Write a note
Submit a written note of gratitude that we will share with teachers, clergy, faculty, and staff.

Record a video
Submit a video message of thanks! We’ll play them for the community to see during our Shabbat event. Please submit videos by Monday, April 19.

Make a gift
Honor our An Evening of Gratitude celebrants with a donation to TBE.

Event Co-Chairs

Ronni Sachs Kotler and Wayne Diamond

Amy and Jonathan Fleming

Laurie and Henry Kay

Gloria Rose

Alexandra and Jody Simes

Harriet and Mel Warshaw

An Evening of Gratitude

Gloria Kuris

Make a donation
To honor clergy, staff, or teachers

We are seeking volunteers to join in our gratitude efforts. Please email Gloria Kuris to join our team of volunteers!

Celebrate Community

Our clergy, faculty, and staff bring our community together in extraordinary ways.

Shop Small, Eat Big

Shop Small, Eat Big

It’s valuable to us to imagine sharing a meal with all of you, our temple community, even if we can’t be together.

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TBE in Action

Watch videos of our clergy, teachers, and staff in action!

We asked our clergy, staff, and community to reflect on the year and share their thoughts on what it means—past, present, and future—to be TBE.

Thank you to our corporate sponsors!