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Community Engagement

BaBayit: The Jewish Time Experience

“Judaism teaches us to be attached to holiness in time.”

~ Abraham Joshua Heschel​

Living in Jewish time adds meaning to our lives by bringing us joy, connection, and a sense of shalom.

Welcome to BaBayit: The Jewish Time Experience

This year in BaBayit, meaning in the home, we are piloting three learning cohorts: families with younger children (up to 3rd grade ), adults in their 20s and 30s, and adult learners. This will inspire all cohorts to take a deep dive into bringing Shabbat and the Jewish holidays into their homes while connecting deeply with other families and individuals. The program will be staffed by TBE’s clergy and full-time learning team and will be linked to our community holiday celebrations. BaBayit will include Shabbat and holiday gatherings, home observance, family activities, and dinner discussions.

Join us!

We welcome all family structures and households to participate in this process of deepening Jewish connection. This year in particular, we are piloting three cohorts: families with younger children (up to grade 3), adults in their 20s and 30s, and adult learners. We welcome interfaith families, young adults living together in a household, adults living on their own, and couples young and old without children! If you are interested in finding out if BaBayit is right for you, contact Hannah Kearney! 

Registration for the 2021-2022 will open soon!

Connecting to Jewish Time

This program will follow the cycle of the Jewish year, with a focus this year in particular on Shabbat, Chanukah, and Passover. Families will connect through periodic gatherings by cohort. These gatherings will range from Shabbat hikes to Havdalah gatherings and Shabbat dinners. BaBayit participants will also receive resources which will enhance home observance. 

BaBayit as a Community

In addition to cohort gatherings, there will be periodic opportunities throughout the year for the entire BaBayit community to come together for meaningful intergenerational connection and celebration! 

Reach Out

Alison Kur
Executive Director, Jewish Living and Learning

Hannah Richman Kearney
Director, BaBayit & Havayah

Dr. Judy Avnery
Interim Director, 4–7 Learning Programs

Cantor osh Rosenberg
Director of Young Family Learning & Engagement

Register for BaBayit
Registration will be open soon!

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For BaBayit Participants

Young Families Cohort

Families with younger children will gather around monthly events such as Shabbat hikes, Havdalah services, and a family Shabbaton. Between gatherings, families will receive reflection questions to guide their practice and empower parents to lead Jewish conversations and ritual at home. BaBayit will serve as a supplement to our learning programs, with the hope that this cohort will develop a deep sense of Jewish engagement and connection to TBE that will grow with these families and potentially foster future leadership within our congregation.

More information and a calendar of events coming soon!

20s/30s Cohort

Adults in their 20s/30s without children will gather for a unique Shabbat community. Participants will meet for Shabbat dinners hosted at home, as well as virtual and/or in-person havdalah services. In alignment with our other cohorts, Chanukah and Passover will be highlighted for at-home and communal observance and celebration, with resources and connections provided to empower individuals and their friends to celebrate holidays both as a 20s/30s community and in connection to TBE. Many gatherings will happen in the Boston area, with satellite communities in NYC and Washington DC, where many of our alumni currently live. 

More information and a calendar of events coming soon! 

Adult Learner Cohort

Adult Learners will also engage in learning and practice related to Shabbat, Chanukah and Pesach. Each month adult participants will explore texts and t’fillot and will receive several related practices to engage in and reflect upon through journaling, photography and conversation. Meetings will be virtual with opportunities for Shabbat and holiday celebration in person. The goal is to help participants find Jewish paths to connect with each other and with their own souls to bring inspiration, comfort and renewal. 

More information and a calendar of events coming soon! 

Upcoming Events

Mon 26

Rosh Hashanah

Sunday, September 25 | 6:00 pm - Tuesday, September 27 | 6:00 pm UTC-4
Mon 26

Rosh Hashanah Thank God It’s the High Holy Days Service (Hybrid)

Monday, September 26 | 11:00 am - 11:45 am EDT
Mon 26

Rosh Hashanah Late Morning Service (Hybrid)

Monday, September 26 | 12:30 pm - 2:45 pm EDT
Mon 26

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