Worship, with learning and social action, is one of the three pillars on which the Temple Beth Elohim community rests. Whether on Shabbat, the High Holy Days, festivals or special services for small communities, you will always find people at prayer at Temple Beth Elohim.

Most of the prayers in our prayer book are formulated in the plural, not in the singular, underscoring the connections that Jews have with one another. In communal prayer, we celebrate moments of joy and comfort one another in times of grief. Surrounded by loved ones, we invite God's presence. When we pray together as a community, we are reminded that our lives are only "one movement in the symphony of the ages."

The structure of our prayer service encourages us to tell our collective story; it enables us to utter sacred text and expand our sense of self and of community. In this way we prepare ourselves to connect with God and with each other.

We strive to create prayer services that are meaningful, inspiring, engaging and accessible to all. Recognizing that not all members are fluent in Hebrew, we provide transliterations wherever possible. We sing nigunim (melodies without words) and learn new music together.

We are blessed with rabbis who are learned and dynamic and a nationally known cantor, and they create worship services that are meaningful, inspiring and engaging. Each one of these services is an open door to a Beit Elohim, a House of God. Please come in!

All are welcome to Shabbat Services  Come join us.

Celebrating Shabbat - Recipes, crafts, stories, and more to help you and your family celebrate Shabbat.