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On September 20, 2019, I attended the Climate Strike in Boston with fellow TBE members and fellow Rashi students. I want to share a few takeaways from the protest. First, it was huge: City Hall plaza was full with thousands of protesters and eager listeners. When I went to a similar protest last spring, almost everyone fit right outside the gates of the statehouse. This time, it took a space many times that size to fit everyone in. Second, people were passionate. I could sense the spirit and energy that everyone brought to the event. They all realized the urgency of the climate crisis. Finally, it was really cool to witness people not that much older than me speak in front of thousands of people and make such a difference. Just seeing that really inspired me.

The climate crisis is one of the world’s most urgent and important issues, as it is the only issue that can be catastrophic to everyone in the world, no matter who you are. You, too, can join the movement. You can do the little things, like recycling and trying to save energy around the house, or the big things, like contacting your representatives and donating to organizations dedicated to fixing the climate. You can also join the TBE Green Team, or if you know anyone at TBE in 6th or 7th grade, they can join the Climate Activists group in Ma’asim Tovim. I believe that addressing the climate crisis aligns very strongly with TBE’s values and I hope that as a community we can do more to save our environment.

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