Gun Violence Prevention

After the Newtown Tragedy, TBE members formed a committee: Temple Beth Elohim Congregants to Prevent Gun Violence. After hosting speakers, contacting our politicians, showing up at hearings/meetings, giving money, joining forces with other churches/temples/individuals/coalitions, we are happy to say, "our world is safer".  We collectively helped fund inner city peace cafes in Roxbury and worked to achieve a new, stronger gun law in Massachusetts, that was signed by our Governor in August, 2014. Come join us in this effort and stay tuned for more! 

To join us, contact: Janet Goldenberg, [email protected], Nicole Roos, [email protected] or Beth Nast, [email protected]. 

Read Janet Goldenberg's article highlighting the great work performed by the TBEGVP team!

March 24: March for our Lives

Are you interested in joining TBE at the March for our Lives in Boston? Please contact Sandy Aronson!

March 2018 - Legislative Priorities

We are working with the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism and Massachusett's Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence to determine the best legislative paths for a safer country and state.


State Level Priorities:
  • Extreme Risk Protective Order Bill (ERPO)

    • What is “ERPO”? This establishes a civil procedure for temporarily removing guns from and revoke gun licenses for people who pose a significant danger of causing physical harm to themselves or others.
    • Opportunity for Action: Commit to attending an in-district meeting in your city or town to tell your representatives that we are counting on them to help pass ERPO. Click here to sign up

National Priorities:

  • Oppose Concealed Carry Reciprocity
    • Concealed Carry Reciprocity would force each state to recognize the concealed-carry standards of every other state.
    • Opportunity for Action: Reach out to your networks across the country and urge them to ask their local police chief to sign-on to the Law Enforcement Letter opposing National Conceal Carry Reciprocity, initiated by Boston Police Commissioner Evans.  Click here to see the national law enforcement sign-on letter. To view Commissioner Evans’s letter, click here. Over 40 Chiefs across the country have already signed!



We are working with the Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence and some national groups to oppose a serious and dangerous piece of federal legislation - a national conceal carry reciprocity bill, S.446, the “Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017".  The law, if passed, would enable a person who can obtain a permit from any state in the nation to carry a concealed firearm throughout the country, even in states where the person would otherwise be barred from having guns at all, such as Massachusetts.

The outcome of this vote is likely to be determined by 7 Senators.  If you know people in any of the following states, we strongly urge you to contact them and suggest that they call their Senators to encourage them to vote NO on S. 446.  This bill mandates national reciprocity for concealed carry permits, and is not surprisingly opposed by many enforcement agencies.

The following senators have announced that they would be opposing the law. They need to hear from their constituents thanking them for taking this position because they will encounter serious pressure from the gun lobby.

  • Virginia:  Senator Warner 
  • New Mexico:  Senator Heinrich

The following senators have not yet declared their support or opposition of the law. They need to hear from their constituents urging them to oppose the law.

  • New Mexico: Senator Udall
  • West Virginia:  Senator Manchin
  • North Dakota: Senator Heitkamp
  • Indiana:  Senator Donnelly
  • Missouri:  Senator McCaskill

Please contact Janet Goldenberg  ([email protected] or 617-965-3286) if you are interested in advocating on the state or national level.  Gun violence is a serious and deadly concern.

Upcoming Events

Check back soon for a listing of events.

Past Events

An Evening with Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey & Reverend Liz Walker
November 2017

Congregants to Prevent Gun Violence hosted an evening with MA Attorney General Maura Healey and Rev. Liz Walker supporting our ongoing efforts to reduce gun violence in MA and the excellent work of the Roxbury Presbyerian Social Impact Center.








Got Peace? Basketball Tournament
March 2016

The event also included a jobs and education fair.  The MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence represented by Janet, presented the PEACE MVP award to Chiefs Terry Cunningham (of Wellesley), William Brooks and Wayne Sampson for their critical support to pass the gun bill and their ongoing work helping to get the provisions implemented.  Chief Cunningham was also the first MA chief to sign onto the gun manufacturer Do Not Stand Idly By Campaign being run by the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, (GBIO).


January 2016

TBE Congregants to Prevent Gun Violence attended the Do Not Stand Idly By Training in Boston that brought over 100 interfaith participants to learn from leaders from the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, Jewish Community Relations Council, and houses of worship on how to move our nation forward with respect to pushing the market, society and our government to adopt safer gun technology.

December 2015

TBE Congregants to Prevent Gun Violence joined Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Everytown for Gun Safety to commemorate the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy and honor all victims and survivors of gun violence by accompanying moms, dads, survivors, elected officials, faith leaders, and other community members in the Orange Walk to demonstrate their power and shared commitment to reducing gun violence.


Beth Nast, Jackie Dana, and Nicole Roos at the "Orange Walk".


April 2015 

TBEPGV event on April 16 in memory of Dr. Michael Davidson

Click here to RSVP.

Click here to download the flyer.

January 2015

JALSA, the Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action, gave special recognition to the MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence at JALSA's annual meeting on Sunday, January 25.  As many of you know, JALSA has been a major player in the Coalition and played an instrumental role in making passage of the gun safety bill a reality last summer.  Two of our own, Janet Goldenberg and Angus McQuilken, were recognized!



August 13, 2014August 2014 Bill

Many of you have been tracking the work of TBE Congregants to Prevent Gun Violence and the work of the Mass Coalition in pushing hard for sensible legislation in Massachusetts.

Today was a big day, and a big step forward for reducing gun violence as Governor Deval Patrick signed H. 4376, "An Act Relative to the Reduction of Gun Violence". The bill meets many of the goals our coalition set out to accomplish, including requiring background checks for all private sales, bringing the state into compliance with the Federal NICS background check system, giving chiefs of police discretion in issuing permits for rifles or shotguns, and collecting trace data for guns used in crimes or suicides. The bill also contains meaningful provisions around education for suicide awareness.

While we still have much work to do, when the story is eventually written of how the tide turned on sensible gun laws, the work of faith based communities will be central to that story. And, here in Massachusetts, TBE Congregants to Prevent Gun Violence has played a huge role in moving this coalition forward, through convening community events on violence; phone calls, visits, and emails to legislators; organizing; and most importantly, leading. We have much to be proud of. TBEPGV stands on the shoulders of this incredible community.

We look forward to continuing to build on this work. Yasher Koach to TBEPGV!

Temple Beth Elohim Congregants to Prevent Gun Violence grew out of a Shabbat Reflection following the tragic mass shooting in Newtown, CT, which occured Dec. 14, 2012.  Participants were looking for a way to take meaningful action together to reduce the scourge of gun violence in our community and our country– whether caused by crime, accident or suicide.  Acting from our values, we have joined together with a growing movement of faith-based and community groups to influence state and national legislation through a post-card campaign, hearings, bringing stakeholder speakers to TBE, educating ourselves and others and supporting innovative efforts, such as fundraising to help with inner city coffeehouses, meeting with our state reps., gathering and speaking at political rallys -- all to reduce gun violence.  

Most powerfully,  the proposed gun law that was just approved by Mass State Congress in July, 2014 and will appear before the Governor this year, was a direct result of all the strategic and hands on work we have done at TBE alongside collaborative partners such as GBIO, JCRC, JALSA, Mom's Demand Action, to name a few.

TBECPGV is a vocal member of the Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, convened by former legislative-aide Angus McQuilken, a TBE member, and currently convened by TBE member Janet Goldenberg.  We   welcome anyone interested in learning about the causes of gun violence and in taking steps to reduce gun violence to join us at our monthly meetings (evening) and/or by participating in actionable steps such as calls, letter writing, joint meetings with other organizations/temples, various forms of political action. To join us, contact: Janet Goldenberg, [email protected], Nicole Roos, [email protected] or Beth Nast,[email protected].