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We are a community grounded in Jewish values acting to change the world. Compelled by our Jewish values and traditions, we use our collective power to strengthen our communities and make a lasting difference in the world.  Through action, learning and reflection, we provide opportunities for all members to participate in a wide range of activities, including direct service, developing partnerships in the community and organizing to create systemic and institutional change. Through our work and learning, we grow as individuals, deepen connections to each other and strengthen our community, inside and outside the walls of our Temple.

There are opportunities every time you enter the doors of TBE to impact the lives of others and participate in the sacred mandate to help to repair our world.  Bring a can of tuna or a box of cereal for our Family Table collections or any non-perishable food item for community food bank donations.  Start a collection drive for an organization to which you feel connected.  Participate in one of the temple sponsored service, advocacy or learning programs, described below.  As a temple community we can have an impact, if we are mindful about the small and large ways we can perform acts of Tikkun Olam and if we dedicate ourselves to this important Jewish tenet.

We hope you will join us and volunteer for one of our many Tikkun Olam programs and feel inspired to help repair our world!

Please explore the links on the left for more information on our programs or contact Julie Kreiss, Vice President of Tikkun Olam, [email protected] or Sandy Aronson, Tikkun Olam Youth and Community Organizer, [email protected], 781 235-8419 x218. Friend or follow Sandy on Facebook to stay connected to TBE's Tikkun Olam work

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Please see below for our upcoming events and opportunities! Check back often, since events are added and updated regularly.

Rabbi Jonah Pesner, Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, about Tikkun Olam at Temple Beth Elohim 



Do You Have an Organization You Want to Support?

Is there an organization that you volunteer for or want to support? The TBE community wants to help you. The Tikkum Olam Committee will be supporting monthly item collections for non-profits that are important to our congregants. Maybe a local food pantry needs pasta, a children's support group needs books, a veteran's organization hopes for socks? Whatever the concrete needs, if you would like TBE to designate a month to collect whatever you identify would be useful to your cause, you can be the point person for that month. With support you can publicize information about your organization and have a designated collections box for your assigned month. You will be responsible for collecting and delivering the donations at the end of your month.

Contact Jennifer Meyerhardt to choose a month for your collection and to receive more information about our collections program. People are in need and TBE can help!