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Postponed: TBElle Spring 2020: Morning Session

  • Tuesday, April 28
  • 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM

TBELLE is a unique learning program led by fellow congregants who are excited to share their knowledge and interests in a relaxed, fun learning experience. Classes begin at 10:00 am or 12:45 pm and last for an hour and fifteen minutes. The Lunch & Learn program runs between sessions.

To reserve your space in a class, or classes, register with Lynn Burke. Select one class in the morning session and one class in the afternoon session.

MORNING SESSION  10:15-11:15 am

Christianity’s View of Judaism, A Modern Transformation?
Eric Rosen

In the aftermath of the Holocaust, the Catholic Church and some Protestant denominations began considering their two millennia conduct and writings towards Judaism and the extent that such conduct and writings may have contributed to the Holocaust. We will consider the Catholic Church’s introspection on this matter as well as the thinking of the United Church of Christ. In the context of this consideration, we will read documents that preceded the Catholic Church’s Second Vatican Council in the early 1960s, statements by Pope John Paul II at Mainz, Germany, “We Remember,” the Catholic Church’s writing on its role in the Holocaust, and the controversial Jewish Response Entitled “Dabru Emet.” As the third millennia began, Christianity’s views on Israel began to emerge and we will consider the impact of those views on Judaism generally and discuss Christian and Jewish views of just war theory and how those views may be affected by the existential threat to Israel. If time permits, we will delve into forgiveness from the Jewish and Christian perspective. It is my hope that this subject will generate considerable discussion and thought.

Social Emotional Learning for Parents, Grandparents, and Teachers
Dr. Jerry Goldberg (former Superintendent of Natick Schools)

Social and emotional learning starts at home. Parents and families are critical partners in helping their children develop social and emotional know-how. They can model the kinds of skills, attitudes, and behaviors we want all students to master. And they can be important advocates for SEL at school. Together, we will explore the dimensions of SEL, strategies to put into action, and share among us those things that work and those with which we have concerns. Resources including readings, videos, online strategies will be shared.

TBE members have first registration priority over non-members. There is an administration fee of $25 for non-members.