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TBElle: The Beginnings of Judaism, Part 1 (4 wk course)

  • Tuesday, February 25
  • 10:30 AM to 11:45 AM
  • Program Leader: Rabbi Bob Orkand

How did Judaism develop from its biblical roots to the highly developed system we know today? What has changed—and what has remained constant?

The roots of Judaism reach back to the Hebrew Bible. For thousands of years, Jews have looked to the Tanach for their origins, and have located in them the tenets of their faith. Though Jews of every generation have recognized and cherished the Bible as the ultimate source of all Jewish existence, much of what is recognized today as Judaism does not appear in the Bible.

In The Beginnings of Judaism, participants will explore how the Jewish faith struggled to continually redefine itself during the first thousand years after the completion of the last books of the Hebrew Bible, tenaciously clinging to existence through circumstances that might logically have marked its end.

This course explores the evolution of an ancient faith into a system of beliefs, practices, and laws recognizable today as Judaism.

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Note:  This is part one of this course which will continue in the fall of 2020.