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Summer Institute: Pride and Prejudice: Immigration in Israel

  • Thursday, June 24
  • 12:00 PM to 1:15 PM
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  • Program Leader: Uri Feinberg

Pride and Prejudice: When do we get it right, when do we get it wrong, and does context matter?
Waves of immigration, inclusion and success, and, discrimination and regress. Join us for six sessions, as we examine a history of the State of Israel through the immigrant lens. While waves of immigration were served and saved by the foundation of the State of Israel, it would be those very same waves, that would serve as the foundation on which the young state would grow. These waves were a miracle orchestrated by the very Rock of Israel mentioned in the concluding line of the Declaration of Independence. This description of entity, deity or people, was chosen in all of its ambiguity, for the purpose of allowing the founding generation the freedom to direct ownership of this miracle to that which best reflected their ideals. With open arms, this generation, and those that followed, welcomed in their sisters and brothers. We will identify the truly altruistic as well as very practical reasons, behind this call of inclusion. We will excavate as well, the cracks that represent the failure and the fissure which at times, lead to discrimination and exclusion of the very same sisters and brothers. The history with which we engage will come alive through our presentations as well as through our conversations, with individuals who have lived this history. As we pull back the layers, we hope to strengthen our connection with the State of Israel and those who live here, and through authentic engagement, deepen our relationship with a very real country, with real challenges and real wonder.

Dates: Thursdays, June 17, 24 July 1, 8, 15, 22

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About Summer Institute: Connect with other adult learners and exceptional teachers in an innovative, online program exploring how Judaism touches the heart and fills the soul.

About Uri Feinberg: Uri Feinberg has been a Jewish Educator for 25 years. Born in the US, Uri immigrated to Israel when he was ten, grew up in Jerusalem served in the IDF and then, traveled the world. Uri has a Masters Degree from the Hebrew University in Contemporary Jewish Studies, and was a Jewish history teacher for North American teens, in semester programs in Israel, for many years. Uri spent three years in the US with his wife and three daughters where he served as the Interim Director of Education of Temple Israel of Boston. A licensed tour guide since 1999, Uri has worked as a tour educator for a wide range of groups including synagogue, Federation, URJ and CCAR leadership, interfaith and more. He has guided Jewish heritage trips throughout Europe and has lectured on Israel and Jewish identity across North America. In the current climate engulfing the world in 2020/21, Uri has re-harnessed what he does, and has taken his knowledge and his passion ‘on-line’. He continues to reach out, and partner with the North American Jewish Community, continuing to teach Jewish History, and virtually guide communities around Israel through the wonder of Zoom. Uri and his family live in the city of Modiin, and are active members of their Reform congregation, YOZMA. Uri’s experience has been driven by a clear desire to share the power of the Land and State of Israel, to strengthen Jewish identity and a connection with the Jewish People. With his unique perspective, Uri recognizes that this process includes building bridges and having the ability to inspire and to be inspired.