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How to Make the Mundane (Days) Holy with TBE Online

  • Tuesday, March 30
  • 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM
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  • Program Leader: Student Rabbi Ryan Leszner

How to Make the Mundane (Days) Holy: What is Chol HaMoed?

So much of our Passover preparation is focused on the seders. What our tradition doesn’t teach is that the preparation for the “chagim/first two days” is just as important for the remaining days of the Passover festival (Chol HaMoed), which lasts eight days in total. In these two sessions, we’re going to look at what these intermediate days are and explore how we might make meaning of these days. They aren’t quite holy days, and they are not quite regular days, but something in between. These sessions will look at what our tradition says about how we are supposed to observe these days looking at what we “can” and “cannot” do, and then we will discuss how to make meaning of them for ourselves in modern times.

Dates: March 23 & 30

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