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Family Table Distribution at JF&CS

  • Sunday, March 15
  • 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

JF&CS Family Table provides healthy food and services to more than 500 families every month; last year more than 36,000 bags of food were distributed! Family Table’s mission is to end hunger in the Greater Boston Jewish community while serving people who need assistance regardless of religious affiliation.

New Volunteers: Please read all the information about the process and registration below.

Returning Volunteers:
– Please read the Timing section.
– Anyone who has volunteered in the past 15 months doesn’t need to do the paperwork. Please follow the sign-up instructions.
– If it has been more than 15 months, see the end of the letter for instructions. It is an easy renewal process.

Important Details: A JF&CS CORI is required for all volunteers over the age of 18. The deadline to submit the CORI forms is March 2 for the March 15 distribution. Children are welcome and do not require paperwork.

Location: 1430 Main Street in Waltham (in the JF&CS building).

10:00 am TBE bagel & coffee schmooze
10:15 a.m. New volunteers receive information about the client experience, a program overview, and an orientation.
10:15 a.m. Returning Volunteers will get their driving assignments and start to pack their groceries.

What to expect:
After packing, you will leave to make the deliveries. You can note geographic preferences on your online application, but please keep in mind that the majority of clients live in Brookline, Boston, and Brighton.

  • Confidentiality and respect of the clients is very important. Please take the time to read the attached document on protecting client personal information in the Volunteer Forms Packet.
  • Please do help a client if they need it, but they will understand that you won’t stay long. You are never obliged to enter the home of a client if you do not want to or feel comfortable doing so.

Steps for Signing Up for NEW volunteers and those who have not participated in more than 15 months (below this section):

For new volunteers, please complete an application and the attached forms:

  1. FIRST please fill out this brief Family Table Application (Waltham). This will give you a chance to proceed with registration, sign up to participate, note your preferences regarding deliveries, and ensure accurate contact information.
  1. Information about completing the attached Volunteer Forms Packet:
  • All of our adult volunteers must complete and return a copy of a photo ID and three documents, outlined below, to Lisa Katz @ JFCS to do the CORI check.
  •        YOU MAY NOT PARTICIPATE UNTIL YOUR CORIhas been processed and approved, which can take more than a week, please submit promptly. Once your CORI is approved, you will be eligible for future distributions.
  • Please print the forms and submit completed forms via email* (a PDF scan) to Lisa Katz at [email protected].
  • The deadline is 3/2.
  •        Faxes or electronic signatures cannot be accepted.
  • You do not need to return Pages 6-10.
  1. Please submit these four required pages of the Volunteer Forms Packet directly to Lisa:
  • Page 1. The CORI Request Form
  • Page 2. The Background Check Request Acknowledgement Form.
  • Page 3. A copy of your driver’s license or passport (color is preferred).
  • Page 4. The Volunteer Policy Acknowledgement Form only.
  • If interested, please sign and return Page 5. Consent for the Use and Disclosure of Images, Voice, and/or Written Statements.

If it’s been more than 15 months since you have volunteered:

Steps to Renew Your CORI:

Please submit the following for each adult in the family to Lisa Katz at [email protected]

  • A copy of your driver’s license.
  • Your signature on the Volunteer Policy Acknowledgment form, page 4, after reading the attached Volunteer Notification of JF&CS Policies. (Please only send the signature page).
  • The last 6 digits of your social security number. 

Learn more about the program at www.jfcsboston.org/familytable and contact Jennifer London Lawrence for questions at [email protected].

JF&CS Family Table, the largest kosher food pantry in New England, provides healthy food and services to more than 500 families every month. Last year they distributed more than 36,000 bags of food! The mission of Family Table is to end hunger in the Greater Boston Jewish community while serving people who need assistance regardless of religious affiliation. Family Table fulfills its mission by providing kosher food, creating a caring Jewish connection, and empowering people to make healthy eating a part of their daily lives.