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It’s time for TBE to get together outside.
You all must come – you just must!
Smile, laugh, and celebrate Chanukah.
Walk, run, volunteer.
Wear crazy, fun costumes (optional!).
Drink hot chocolate.
Clear your head, breathe the fresh air, join the community.
Have fun together safely.
Raise funds for Havayah.

While the past nearly two years have been exceedingly challenging, many of us have gained a new or enhanced appreciation of the great outdoors.  Well, now is the time to enjoy the outdoors, together as a TBE community, in a spirited event that was a highlight for my family in 2019 when it last occurred.  

As a family, we have found individual and collective ways to participate and make it joyful and memorable.  I have run the 5K in a pink inflatable unicorn costume (and won a costume contest award!), my son Benjy has been the co-pilot in the police car leading the race, my son Joshua has volunteered checking people in, handing out water, and my daughter has even jogged the race (without sneakers….oops).  My husband has also help set up the race route and run as well.  And my parents ran and walked it too – three generations participated – there’s something for everyone.  We have all found our individual and collective ways to participate in this amazingly fun event.  And you will too.

Please join me, and our incredible TBE community as we gather together outside, but onsite, at TBE and celebrate the festival of lights while helping others on December 5th.

Learn more & register for the Dreidel Dash 5k

Photo credit: Rick Bern Photography