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We have several unique opportunities to discover and explore with the TBE community.  Find your place!    

Build Community ~ Meet New Friends ~ Learn ~ Explore ~ Have Fun!

If you have any ideas for a community trip, domestic or international, contact Sue Vernon-Gerstenfeld, [email protected], for help in brainstorming next steps.

We welcome community involvement in suggesting or planning trips.


Going to Israel: A Primer
Sunday, October 29, 8:00-9:00 pm

There are TBE trips to Israel this year!  If you have never been, and want a short introduction to Israel and its history, join us! The class will be taught by Rabbi Sisenwine.


Men’s Trip to Israel with Rabbi Sisenwine 
November 7-14, 2017 (space is limited)

Interested in going to Israel with other TBE men? Join Rabbi Sisenwine on the “50th Anniversary of the Six Day War” trip.  Highlights include meeting business leaders, helicopter tour from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem via the Golan Heights, winery tour, meeting with wounded Israeli combat soldiers, and a day in Ramallah. View the itinerary.

Learn more: Darren Black, [email protected] or Seth Stier, [email protected]


TBE Family Trip to Israel with Rabbi Sisenwine
February 15-25, 2018

Interested in going to Israel on a TBE family trip with Rabbi Sisenwine?  Contact Rachel Maillet for more information [email protected].

Learn more: Rachel Maillet, [email protected]


TBE Women's Trip to Israel​ with Dr. Avnery   
May 13-24, 2018

Explore 70 Years of Challenges & Achievements by the Women of Israel. 

Learn more: Judy Avnery, [email protected]


New and Nearly Empty Nesters Trip to Israel
June/July 2018

Interested in going to Israel with other TBE new and nearly empty nesters? Join us on our upcoming Empty Nesters trip to Israel by clicking HERE

Informational Meeting: Sunday, October 29, 7:00 pm.

Learn more: Susan Karon, [email protected]

Already have plans to visit Israel? Put Haifa on your itinerary! 

TBE Women's Trip visit the Gavrieli School
TBE women visited the Gavrieli School during their 2015 trip

Thanks to CJP’s Boston Haifa initiative, TBE has relationships with the Gavrieli school, Leo Baeck Education Center and its congregation, Ohel Avraham, and Oranim College. Let us introduce you to some of our Israeli friends who will enhance your experience in Haifa, our sister city.  Our partnerships strive to create people-to-people relationships – TBE can help match you with a family in Haifa. Join in Shabbat services that feel a lot like home, enjoy home hospitality for Shabbat dinner, make new friends, feel the embrace of community. When you are in Israel, visit Haifa! Enjoy the wonderful hospitality of our friends from Congregation Ohel Avraham and experience all this amazing city has to offer.  Let us help you make new connections! 

For more information, contact Alison Kur, Executive Director, Jewish Living.










Women's Trip to Israel, March 2015 

2014 Family Trip to Israel!