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If you have any ideas for a community trip, domestic or international, contact Sue Vernon-Gerstenfeld, [email protected], for help in brainstorming next steps.

We welcome community involvement in suggesting or planning trips.


Travel with TBE in 2018

Partners in Reform: Exploring our Past & Building Our Shared Future
July 3-12, 2018

Building on Rabbi Sisenwine’s Yom Kippur sermon, this Israel travel and learning experience explores ways in which American and Israeli Jews think about Judaism and live their lives as Jews, given that we are shaped by different cultural and national values. Despite our differences, there is an underlying commonality that binds us. We have a shared past and a shared stake in the Jewish future. We will learn and travel with members of congregation Ohel Avraham in Haifa to explore our common ground and our differences and use what we learn to think about the meaning of Jewish peoplehood in our time. Alison Kur will lead the program and Rabbi Sisenwine will join in teaching and some travel.

Learn more: Alison Kur, [email protected] 


New and Nearly Empty Nesters Trip to Israel
July 8-17, 2018

Interested in going to Israel with other TBE new and nearly empty nesters? Join us on our upcoming Empty Nesters trip to Israel by clicking HERE

Learn more: Susan Karon, [email protected]

Travel with TBE in 2019 (final dates to TBD)

First Timer’s Trip with Clergy 

Led by Cantor Jodi Sufrin

Explore Israel from North to South, seeing the highlights, the must see places that explain our connection to the land and peoples.  Share Shabbat with partner Reform congregations in Haifa and Jerusalem. Learn from progressive organizations what is being done to diminish the divisions among Israelis and between Israelis and Palestinians.

Israel in Depth: People and Peoplehood

Led by TBE Congregant, Sue Vernon-Gerstenfeld

Join fellow congregants, Sue Gerstenfeld and Rabbi Bob Orkand,  to experience Israel by focusing on what is happening at a grassroots level; to explore what Israelis believe are affecting people and peoplehood in Israel.  We will meet the left, the right, and the center in an effort to understand and hear from all perspectives. Some of the issues that we hope to explore are: asylum seekers,  the concerns of settlers (religious and economic), the struggles of budding Reform congregations, the situation for Palestinians in the West Bank, the efforts and successes to bring Palestinians and Israelis together to work on their mutual economic and security issues, high tech in Israel and the worries about the future of education that supports economic growth.  Among our many activities, we will visit organizations in and around Haifa, spend two days in Jerusalem, visit settlers in the settlements, speak to Palestinian in Ramallah, and visit grass roots organizations and tourist sites and museums that flesh out the issues that we are exploring.  We will have interactive meetings with experts concerned with topics contained in our themes. We will also share one Friday night Shabbat service with our sister congregation in Haifa and the other at the egalitarian space at the wall in Jerusalem, led by TBE Rabbi Orkand. We will visit Independence Hall in Tel Aviv, where Ben Gurion announced the creation of the State, and we will have some free time to shop, visit museums not included in our formal program, and brainstorm together what next steps that some or all of us might like to take once we return home. 


Learn more about these trips: Sue Vernon-Gerstenfeld, [email protected]

Already have plans to visit Israel? Put Haifa on your itinerary! 

TBE Women's Trip visit the Gavrieli School
TBE women visited the Gavrieli School during their 2015 trip

Thanks to CJP’s Boston Haifa initiative, TBE has relationships with the Gavrieli school, Leo Baeck Education Center and its congregation, Ohel Avraham, and Oranim College. Let us introduce you to some of our Israeli friends who will enhance your experience in Haifa, our sister city.  Our partnerships strive to create people-to-people relationships – TBE can help match you with a family in Haifa. Join in Shabbat services that feel a lot like home, enjoy home hospitality for Shabbat dinner, make new friends, feel the embrace of community. When you are in Israel, visit Haifa! Enjoy the wonderful hospitality of our friends from Congregation Ohel Avraham and experience all this amazing city has to offer.  Let us help you make new connections! 

We are partnered with Kehillat "Ohel Avraham" as part of the DOMIM-aLike project- the Israel-Diaspora relations project of the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism.

DOMIM– aLike  was established together with the Israel Ministry of Diaspora Affairs. It fosters partnerships between Reform and Progressive congregations in Israel and around the world.

For more information, contact Alison Kur, Executive Director, Jewish Living.







Women's Trip to Israel, March 2015 

2014 Family Trip to Israel!