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Temple Beth Elohim Lifelong Learning Experience

 Get yourself a teacher and find yourself a friend.  -Pirke Avot 1.6    

A unique learning program led by fellow congregants who are excited to share their knowledge and interests in a relaxed, fun learning experience. Classes begin at 10:00 am or 12:45 pm and last for an hour and fifteen minutes. The Lunch & Learn program runs between sessions. There is no charge to attend and all are welcome.

If you have an interesting topic or hobby you would like to share with others over a six-week period, please contact Sandy Goldstein.

For additional information, or to register for TBElle classes, please be in touch with Lynn Burke (781) 235-8419 x211.

The spring 2019 session will be held on Tuesdays, March 5 through April 9.


MORNING SESSION (10:00-11:15)


Book of Genesis as Literature: Part 2, Rabbi Bob Orkand                                     

Is it possible that the understanding of the Book of Genesis we've all grown up with isn't as complete as we'd like to believe? That its deceptively simple sentences and surface appearance hide from contemporary readers a purposeful and intricate structure designed to let its depth and detail and implication resonate with the readers and listeners of its own time? That we are overlooking, despite all of our modern sensibilities as readers, many of the astonishingly sophisticated literary devices and techniques used by the author—or, indeed, authors—of this beautiful work? Students will explore the theological issues discussed in Genesis.  Finally, the course will explore the many issues that emanate from a reading of Genesis. 

Please note:  It is not necessary to have participated in part one of this course as each lesson stands on its own.


Six Problems In Our Nation of Major Concern Calling For Social Action, Sheldon Buckler

- Our HEALTHCARE SYSTEM:  what would be best for our nation?
- GLOBAL WARMING:  why are we failing to deal with it; what can we do?
- IMMIGRATION:  what would be best for the United States?
- RACISM in AMERICA:  how do we end it?
- OUR NATION’S GREAT DISPARITY IN WEALTH: what should we do about it?
- THE LAGGING PUBLIC EDUCATION SYSTEM in the US: how can we fix it?

We will tackle one subject each week in the following way: first, a presentation of the basic facts; second, a review of possible solutions; and, finally, a discussion among all of their different ideas.

These subjects are of deep interest to me.  Come learn and share with me.  Hopefully we will have lively and stimulating discussions that may lead to some follow up.  

LUNCH & LEARN PROGRAM (11:30 am - 12:30 pm)

Please click here to view our guest speakers and discussion topics.

AFTERNOON SESSION (12:45 - 2:00)


Jews on Broadway, Act IV: Words and Music by Jerry Herman, Don Drourr

After the huge success of last year’s Rodgers & Hammerstein classes, we will continue to focus on one particular Jew on Broadway: Jerry Herman. Herman is one of the most tuneful composers of Broadway scores and his melodies will live forever.  We will focus on his life and career and concentrate on his four big shows (and not many can boast four big shows): Milk & Honey, Hello, Dolly!, Mame & La Cage Aux Folles; OK, 3 ½.   We’ll also take a quick peek at his flops (yes, there were flops!) and hear some of his best work from one of his biggest flops, Mack & Mabel; the quintessential example of a bad book. We’ll see interviews, awards, show scenes and hear all the classics of an incredible career.  AND…  a few twist and turns around Times Square are always possible.

Please plan to spend an extra 15 minutes, as the classes will run about 1 ½ hours each. So sign up fast, Before the Parade Passes ByIt Only Takes a MomentShalom!


Awesome Readings For The Days Of Awe: Exploring the Less Read Liturgy in the High Holiday Machzor, Michael Gilman

Have you ever found yourself frustrated during the Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur service when you have stumbled upon a reading that has brought you to stop and think, but the clergy is moving ahead in the machzor and the congregation is leaving you behind?  Have you wished for more time to explore the readings not read during the service and contemplate the message in this poetry and prose?  This course will allow us the necessary time to mine the gold in the pages of the new machzor; to study the imagery found within; to connect the more contemporary writings to the themes in the ancient liturgy; to express how these writings affect our emotions and thinking in a lasting way, thereby making the liturgy more meaningful.

We will place selected readings in the context of the liturgy; discuss whether we think it is a good fit; and ask why the editors may have chosen the particular piece for that point in the Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur service.

The first three sessions will use the Rosh Hashana machzor; the second three sessions will use the Yom Kippur machzor. 



TBElle supports TBE's Canasta Group, Tuesday afternoons 12:30-2:00

Come join our year round, casual drop in canasta group.  Play away the afternoon with fun, interesting company.  All levels of play welcome (though no instruction for beginners).  

For questions, contact Bunny Cohen.  [email protected]








Held during the six-week spring and fall TBElle program, in between the morning and afternoon class sessions from 11:30 am–12:30 pm, these talks are led by congregants and friends of TBE who discuss particular topics or interests they are passionate and knowledgeable about.

Bring a brown bag lunch and a drink. The Lunch & Learn program is open to all and reservations are not required.


2019 Lunch and Learn Committee: Susan Freedman, Jerry GoldbergCarol Salter and Isabel Zupan.

March 5
You Be The Judge!, Jessica Bussgang Rosenbloom

Jessica Bussgang Rosenbloom, A National US Figure Skating Judge, will speak about demystifying ice skating judging and will highlight her recent experience judging the national championship in Detroit in January.  Jessica was a judge on the Championship Men's event. She will share some video of skating performances as well as explain how she judges an event and the intricate and complicated marking system. Jessica started skating in Lexington, MA where she grew up. Jessica has judged many national championships and local, regional, and sectional competitions, as well as test sessions. Jessica enjoys talking about her love of skating and her strong belief in the personal benefits and lifelong skills skating offers. 






March 12
How I Wrote a Book and You Can Too,
Susan Peppercorn

Executive transition coach, writer, and speaker, Susan will speak about why and how she wrote her book, Ditch Your Inner Critic at Work, and answer questions about the joys of writing and self-publishing.






March 19
Taking the Mystery Out of Wine, David Singer

David Singer, Advanced Sommelier and Wine Educator, will share his expertise in selecting and appreciating wine.  David has directed wine service at the Federalist Restaurant and Mantra in Boston, the Five Diamond Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans, and the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Manhattan.  The New York Press named him “Best Sommelier of Manhattan,” calling him “Peacock Alley’s secret weapon, a wine guy with some frisky moves and a remarkable nose.”  David points out, “ Wine challenges people. Not only their minds, but senses they don’t use every day.  It’s a new way of experiencing the world around you.”


March 26
Camp Aranu'tiq: The World's First Summer Camp for Transgender Kids, Nick Teich, PhD, LCSW

Nick started Camp Aranu’tiq for transgender youth in 2009, and its overarching organization, Harbor Camps, in 2014. Nick will discuss the origins of Camp Aranu'tiq, its program, the youth and families it serves, and more. Nick will also discuss transgender youth and trends in social and medical transitions.





April 2
Lost and Found In Spain: Tales Of An Ambassador's Wife, with author Susan Solomont

When her husband was appointed by President Barack Obama to be U.S. Ambassador to Spain and Andorra, Susan Solomont uprooted herself.  She left her career, friends and family and a life she loved, joining her husband in a 3-½ year tour overseas. Part memoir and part travelogue, the book recounts a time of self-discovery as Susan navigates a new life in a foreign country. She learns the rules of a diplomatic household; goes on a culinary wanderlust with some of the Spain’s greatest chefs; finds her place in the Madrid Jewish community; and discovers her own voice as she creates new meaning in her roles as a spouse, a community member, and a twenty-first century woman.

BOOK RELEASE MARCH 26 – TBE is one of the first audiences Susan is speaking to.






April 9
Current Trends in Aesthetic Dermatology, Pam Norden

Participants will learn about the science of aging and products and procedures to help turn back time.  Specifically, we will discuss ingredients which should be incorporated into an at-home regimen to address  both preventative care and reversal of preexisting damage.  We will also review medical procedures such as lasers and injectables and how these can best be performed both safely and effectively.







Questions about the Lunch & Learn Program?  Please reach out to one of our Committee Members: 

Susan Freedman, Jerry GoldbergCarol Salter and Isabel Zupan.