TBE Choirs

TBE's adult, teen, and children's choirs affirm our love of music.

Our Adult Volunteer Choir is open to anyone who likes to sing. This group offers an opportunity to get to know members of our Temple community who come together for the pleasure of learning and performing a rich tapestry of music from our vast Jewish choral tradition. Our Adult Choir participates in several services and programs throughout the year, including High Holy Day services. Rehearsal and performance dates and times will be posted in the bulletin and website.

For more information on joining the TBE Adult Choir, contact Cantor Jodi Sufrin at [email protected].

An Invitation from Cantor Sufrin

Studies have found that group singing releases oxytocin, a chemical that manages anxiety and stress and, according to McGill University professor Daniel Levitin, enhances feelings of trust and bonding. Doesn’t all this sound great?

I’d like to invite all who enjoy singing to come and sing. We’ll learn some Shabbat liturgical melodies and harmonize a little. We will hold rehearsals in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings from 11:30 am -12:30 pm on December 4 and 18 and January 8. I hope to gather a group that will sing for several services throughout the year including a special musical service with Jodi Blankstein on Friday, January 13. If interested in joinContact Matthew Wasserman, [email protected].

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TBE Intergenerational Choir 

When we come together to sing, we forge relationships with the people around us. Never sung in a choir? No problem! Our newly formed TBE intergenerational choir enables anyone who chooses to have an opportunity to experience the joys of working in a creative and collaborative musical setting. Moreover, when a group of Jews get together to sing our music, we transcend the boundaries of time and begin to engage in a holy conversation with our ancestors. Consider the words of Bobby McFerrin,"...one of the most direct ways of praying and meditating is through singing, and singing in community is exceptionally powerful. You get people together in a room and get them singing, and you instantly knock down all the walls, the creeds, the gender, age and race differences, everything. You're all one at that point, lifting your voices." 

Temple Beth Elohim Adult Choir 

There are scientific studies that attempt to unfold the mysteries of the power that music has to touch our souls. For those who love to sing, we know instinctively that there is nothing quite as spiritually uplifting as being one voice among many. The joy of singing with other musicians and feeling the overtone vibrations generated by surrounding harmonies can be tremendous. It is true that the sum total of the many is greater than the individual parts. We have fine musicians in our community who sing for High Holy Day services and several times throughout the year. It is a wonderful way to get to know fellow music lovers within our community and we are always delighted to welcome new voices! To add your name to our list, please contact Rachel Maillet at [email protected] or 781-235-8419, ext. 204.