Syrian Refugee Resettlement Team

Welcoming The Stranger

Our 80-person and growing Syrian Refugee Resettlement Team is preparing to welcome its first of two Syrian refugee families, expected to arrive in February.  We have various task groups working on the many pieces to be successful with the help and guidance of our partner, Jewish Family Services of Metrowest.  These tasks include a housing search, fundraising, household setup, accessing government services, integrating the family to our communities and with US customs. The major focus is now to raise the necessary dollars to cover the rent for these families for 12 months, estimated at $22,000 per family.  Please donate to this cause. Save A Life, Save A World.

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Upcoming Events

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April 2017
TBE members and Syrian Refugee Resettlement Team Leaders, Ed and Barbara Shapiro Recieve the
 3rd Annual Sharp Rescuer Prize

The Sharp Rescuer Prize promotes humanitarian work in the example of Waitstill and Martha Sharp and seeks to empower rescuers today who sacrifice for others. This social justice award is awarded annually in honor of the Sharps and their commitment to the Unitarian Universalist core values of justice and compassion. The Sharp Rescuer Prize supports people like the Sharps and Marina Goldman (the award's first recipient) and the associated organizations in carrying out their selfless work.

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If you are interested in joining our Team in this humanitarian effort, contact Michael Gilman or Susan Sidel

We have a google group! If you want to recieve updates on our effort's accomplishments and needs, please contact Sandy Aronson.


Our Committes and Leaders

Fundraising - Michael Gilman

Housing Search - Debbie Gotbetter

Household Setup - Emily Hoadley 

Accessing Services - Eva Sartori

Family and Children Integration - Laura Gilman

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