Support Groups

Support Group for Parents of Children with  Social, Emotional, Cognitive or Developmental Differences

Would you like to meet other parents at the TBE who are also navigating the joys and challenges of parenting an non-neuro-typical child?  We are interested in learning whether parents of children with special needs in our community might be interested in coming together occasionally to meet, gain and offer support, and share resources around parenting children with differences, including accessing Temple services, planning for B'nai Mitzvahs for children with differences, and other topics that may arise.  If you are interested in such a group or have questions about what it might entail, please contact Diana Turk, member of the Caring Community at TBE and herself a parent of a child with developmental differences.

Learn more: Diana Turk, [email protected] or 202-427-7373


Past groups have included Bereavement group, caring for aging parents, coping with divorce and Alzheimer’s group.

Have an idea for a support group, please contact
Cantor Sufrin [email protected] 781-235-8419
Carolyn Lee Kohlman [email protected] 617-823-2797