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Adult Living and Learning
Gan Elohim Preschool


Rabbi Joel L. Sisenwine, [email protected], x201 

Cantor Jodi Lee Sufrin, [email protected], x202 

Rabbi Rachel Saphire, [email protected], x203 

Rabbi Philip Sherman, [email protected], x208

Student Rabbi Noah Aronson, [email protected] 

Rachel Maillet, Senior Executive Assistant to the Clergy, [email protected]x204

Matthew Wasserman, Administration, Social Media & Events Coordinator, [email protected], x207

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Jewish Life and Learning 

Alison Kur, Executive Director, Jewish Living, [email protected], x213 (2014 Covenant Award recipient.  Click here to learn more.)

Judy Avnery, Senior Director, Jewish Living & Learning, [email protected], x210      

Hannah Richman, Havayah Director, [email protected], x216  

Sandy Aronson, Tikkun Olam (social justice) Youth and Community Organizer, [email protected]x218

Devon Barker, Youth Engagement Specialist, [email protected], x219

Lynn Burke, Executive Assistant, [email protected], x211

Behzad Dayanim, Senior Educator and Integrated Arts Specialist, [email protected], x221

Leah Finkelman, Youth Engagement Specialist, [email protected], x206

Lieba Hall, Youth Engagement Specialist, [email protected], x220

Heather Pellegrini, Administrative Assistant, [email protected], x215   

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Gan Elohim Preschool 

Nancy Ostroff, Director of Early Childhood, [email protected], x230 

Lisa Plotkin, Assistant Director of Early Childhood, [email protected], x231

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Judith Cannon, Executive Director Administration and Operations, j[email protected], x241

Monique Martin, Director of Development,  [email protected], x246

James Waldman, Controller, [email protected], x247      

Sue Braverman, Bookkeeper, [email protected], x240  

Jacob Ojok, Technology Manager,  [email protected], x248

Susan Karon, Member Engagement Manager, [email protected], x243     

Elise Lublin, Communications Manager, [email protected], x244      

Emily Kosinski, Operations Manager, [email protected], x249

Kristine Potter, Receptionist, [email protected], x245    

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Chirlcy Joachim, Assistant Maintenance Supervisor, [email protected], x250

Michael DoCanto, Custodian, [email protected], x250

Olavo Gomes, Custodian, [email protected], x250 

Mathias Fernandez, Custodian, [email protected], x250

Stephen Joseph, Custodian, [email protected], x250

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