Sifrut: (formerly Beit Midrash)

Sifrut: (formerly Beit Midrash) TBE's Literature-based Learning Program 
​for Students in Grades 4 and 5!

About Sifrut

Sifrut (formerly Beit Midrash) is a unique and exciting approach to Jewish learning for Grades 4-5 at TBE.  The program involves students in rich, meaningful and experiential Jewish learning through engagement with age-appropriate works of Jewish fiction, the study of our sacred texts, and innovative Hebrew learning in a small-group setting.  Sifrut families also participate in creative Jewish learning and celebration, as well as community-building activities designed to deepen the Jewish journey of individual families and the community as a whole.   

Chavurot (Book Groups)

Together with your child/ren, you’ll be responsible for completing and discussing several works of contemporary Jewish children’s fiction each school year. Guided curricular materials for each book will be provided, containing related information and discussion questions. On Sunday afternoons throughout the year, students will gather as a community with their teacher to discuss each book. 

In an experiential and hands-on learning environment, students will explore the characters and themes of each book within the context of Jewish life, text and tradition. In tandem with our Art-based (Omanut) and Science-based (Tagliyot) learning tracks, Sifrut sessions are centered around three overarching lenses: The Space Around Us/ סביבנו, The Space Between Us/ בינינו, and The Space Within Us/ בתוכנו. These lenses frame the exploration of a range of Jewish values, holidays, prayer and Biblical texts. This thematic consistency supports our culminating family programming during which families from each track will be able to learn, share and grow together as a more cohesive community while experiencing examples of the exciting things happening in each program.

Hebrew Learning & T'filah (Prayer)

Hebrew is an essential part of the Sifrut experience. Students participate in small-group Hebrew learning or receive Hebrew learning in a day school setting.  Sifrut students participate in a half-hour of T’filah each Hebrew class. Led by members of  our clergy and Ed Team, T'filah is a joyful time for prayer, singing, learning and reflection.  Please join us anytime for this wonderful and engaging experience!

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about Sifrut, please contact Judy Avnery, Senior Director of Jewish Living & Learning.

2017-18 Registration is open.  Click here to learn more.

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