Passover Pathways

TBE presents an exciting learning program in preparation for Passover. Study with our clergy, staff and lay leaders, visit the TBEshuk  (market) and enjoy Passover food tasting. View details about Passover Pathways.

Details About Passover Pathways:


Lincoln, Passover and the Civil War with Rabbi Sisenwine

Four Cups: Blessings for Freedom, Hope and Redemption with Rabbi Sherman and Alison Kur

Shuk: (Bazaar)

Kolbo will be selling Passover related items

King David Wines will be selling wines and offering wine tasting

Sweethearts 3 will be selling Passover candy  and offering tastings

Food Tastings and Recipes

Bring your favorite Passover food and the recipe to share. Attendees will receive the latest version of the TBE Passover Cookbook with empty pages to fill with their favorite recipes from the day. All shared food items should be Kosher Style/Passover food.

Tikkun Olam

Passover Cleaning?  Donate your chametz! Join us for Passover Pathways and bring any un-opened, non-perishable, and non-expired food and new, unopened matzah.  We will donate it to the local food pantries. 

StoryCorps - Tell YOUR Story! L’Dor V’Dor

Why is this Year different from all other years? Because this year we are offering an opportunity to share YOUR story with family or close friends during Passover Pathways.   Be a part of StoryCorps TBE.

How?  Come with a family member (siblings, grandparents, parent, child…) or friends and learn about intergenerational Passover experiences and a way to record your stories. Leave with new ideas to enhance your Seder experience and to connect to the stories of generations. Save the Passover memories using the NPR Story Corps App. Reserve your time with Lynn Burke, [email protected].

Questions? Contact Carolyn Kohlman: [email protected]