New Website Tools For Committees & Groups

The new website provides you with special tools to help your committee or group communicate with the TBE community, and we have an onsite 'webmaster' to support your efforts. What can you do? Here's a brief overview:

  • Post an independent calendar specific to your activities. We can set up, and you can manage it directly. (Note that this calendar is completely separate from the main TBE calendar on the home page. It will display activities only for your group, as opposed to the main calendar, which displays all activities at the Temple)
  • Post content, pictures and videos of your group's activities, which you can change as often as you like
  • Create a blog and/or discussion forum to share your group's viewpoints
  • Use a 'groupware' application to help your team communicate
  • Link to a social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GoogleGroup) page for your group. Be sure to use disclaimers on social media that explain that the voices are your own and not that of the temple staff 

For more information, contact [email protected]